Luke Soin has been doing comedy for six years now. Wow, that's crazy. He can't believe it's been that long! He began telling jokes in late 2011 in and around Sacramento, CA. Since then he's been "finally getting sorta good" by writing more-ish and going to hella open mics. He even got good enough to become a semi-regular host of the open mic at The Comedy Spot in Midtown Sacramento. 

Luke has also performed in showcases at cool places like Laughs Unlimited, The Punch Line in Sacramento, CA, and Cobb's Comedy Club (once) and The Punch Line (three times now! Yeah he's gonna keep count cus why not?) in San Francisco, CA. He hopes to get back to those places soon.

Recently, Luke has been heavily involved with Dystopian Media Networks, a sketch and improv comedy group created by Julie Maginnis and based in Sacramento, CA. He writes, directs, produces, performs in, and edits original content for this group. They do live shows at The Sacramento Comedy Spot and have a YouTube channel which can be found HERE.

Luke also hosts two podcasts, The Sexy Podcast with one of his best pals, JR De Guzman, and Epic Tiki's Take the Podcast, with (usually) one of his other best pals, Joe-Joe Louis. The Sexy Podcast focuses on stand up and usually includes a creative joke writing session. It's a great way to see how both Luke and JR work on their stuff. Epic Tiki's Take on the other hand, is a discussion on various nerdy news items including everything from Game of Thrones to PlayStation VR to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Oh, and of course Star Wars.

Luke also created and hosted a talk show called Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show, where he performed a late-night-style monologue before segueing into several sketches and an interview with a fellow comedian, all in a huge hot tub. To find out more about Epic Tiki's Tiki Talk Talk Show CLICK HERE.

Unfortunately, Luke had to move away from the hot tub, so now he hosts a similar but different show called Epic Tiki's Take (like the podcast but shorter and more video-y), where he and his friend Joe-Joe Louis sit with their friends to review and discuss cool nerd stuff like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and everything else from Marvel to video games. It's basically the video version of the podcast (also it came first). If you wanna see that CLICK HERE!

This site also features Luke's other work including funny VIDEOSWRITING SAMPLES, and a BLOG that touches on both serious and funny matters ranging from Luke's opinions on movies and film, to his personal life experiences.