Tiki Talk Talk Show: Nerd News Edition 3/31/13

Matthew McConaughey is being eyed by Christopher Nolan to star in his next film, "Interstellar." If he is cast the biggest challenge facing the production will be designing a shirtless space suit.

If he is cast the script will have to be rewritten by the Wachowskis to include more "whoa."

The soundtrack to "Star Wars Episode 1" will soon be released on vinyl. Unfortunately no plans to release the actual film on vinyl have been made. That's too bad because it might have finally made that movie cool.

China is getting its own special cut of "Iron Man 3" complete with extra footage. SPOILER ALERT, the extra footage is said to involve Iron Man saving unwanted female babies from dumpsters in Hong Kong.

Damian Wayne, the latest Robin and son of Bruce Wayne, was killed by the League of Shadows in a recent issue of "Batman Inc." That may seem like bad parenting but at least Batman isn't entering him into beauty pageants right!?

The first footage from CBS's adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome" was shown at Wondercon this weekend. Or as it's also known, The Simpson's Movie 2.

"Oblivion" director Joseph Kosinski said he will be getting the first draft of the script for "Tron 3" in a couple weeks. Finally, some news on the next Daft Punk album!

NBC's hit show "Revolution" has returned after a four month hiatus. The show will continue to explore all of the mysteries set up in the first half of the season except for why everyone has perfect hair and makeup all the time.

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