Topical Tiki - Thursday, July 30th 2014

Some more topical jokes for all y'all to enjoy!

A Costco parking lot was host to a plane crash Wednesday. Authorities are saying it was lucky that their was only one casualty, because the crash involved an 8-pack of Cessna Skyhawks. 

A Malaysia Airlines flight was forced to slam on its breaks as it was trying to take off from South Australia to avoid hitting a Tigerair jet. Luckily no one was hurt, but the copilot is allegedly suing the pilot for sexual harassment for trying to use the old "stopping short" move on her. 

In Australia a flight attendant warned passengers that drug sniffer dogs would be waiting for them when they got off and that they should flush anything they had down the toilet before exiting the plane. In a related story a man in Australia is claiming that a meteorite full of drugs crashed through the ceiling of his home...

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