Topical Tiki - Monday, August 11th, 2014

Supermodel Kate Upton revealed in an interview that the Yankees wouldn't allow her to wear any Tigers gear to support boyfriend Justin Verlander at Yankee Stadium. The Yankees only made the request however, when they found out that all Upton had packed for her trip to New York was Tigers gear.

The Mars Curiosity Rover's wheels have been damaged while driving across the surface of Mars. Tony Stewart said he tried to avoid the Martian but the rover was, "just going way too fast." 

Katy Perry admitted that she "could really use" a better education. The ah-ha moment for her came when she looked at her Twitter and wondered why she only had "55.3 M" followers.   

A collection of baseball cards from 1870 has been valued at over $1 million. The appraisal was made by Dr. Evil. 

Fans went nuts on Twitter after finding out that Fox's Teen Choice Awards are rigged. Producers wrote it off saying, "now they know what to expect when they start watching our news channel."

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