Elon Musk

Onion Adjacent - Elon Musk to Finally Debut Line of Scents After Years of Obviously-with-that-Name-How-Could-He Not-Have-One Comments Being Lobbed at Him.

During a SpaceX financial earnings call held this Tuesday, Elon Musk revealed plans to unveil a new line of scents by 2030, which he hopes will first be smelled on the surface of Mars.

He said, “Ever since I was a child I was bullied and berated for having a ‘musk.’ But now we finally have the platform to show the world how I really smell.”

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"Ever since I was a child I was bullied and berated for having a 'musk.'"

One perplexed investor inquired, “How will we show the world how you really smell if we release the scents only on Mars?”

Musk replied by saying, “Mars is a world Eric, I thought you might know that by now.” He then promptly pulled a lever, opening a trapdoor which sent Eric hurtling into Musk’s personal alligator lagoon.

“ANYONE ELSE?” Musk asked, before listing the new scents, which include “Olympus PheroMons,” “Parfum de Planitia,” and, “Martian Musk.”

“I’m especially fond of that last one,” Musk mused. “It’s based off of my own body chemistry.”

Of course you might be wondering, when can I get my hands on these scents here on Earth? Musk says they’ll be available in the early 2040’s, after they’ve made it economically feasible to send shipments back to Earth.