Stand Up

Above is a video of Luke performing stand up at Laughs Unlimited in Sacramento in September of 2017.  


DNN reporter Luke Soin interviews Transportation Conservationist Bethany Gordon and Train Mathematician Stephen Ferris to find out what's happening to all the trains. Will they find out? Discover the truth, in this special report from Dystopian News Now! Starring Luke Soin, Julie Maginnis, and Stephen Ferris. Written by Julie Maginnis and Luke Soin.
Actor Tom Hardy recently visited Sacramento to promote his new show Taboo and granted Epic Tiki reporter Joe-Joe Louis an exclusive interview. Enjoy! Starring Luke Soin, Joe-Joe Louis, and Connor Martin. Written, directed, and edited by Luke Soin. Incredibly hilarious improvised joke by Joe-Joe Louis. Special thanks to Nick Larson and Danell Hale.

Hosting and Talking About Stuff

Luke co-hosts Epic Tiki's Take, an ongoing web series in which he and co-host Joe-Joe Louis talk about nerdy pop culture subjects ranging from Star Wars to Game of Thrones to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every episode features a different guest and loads of funny comments and cut-aways. Check out this sample above or find more on the EPIC TIKI YOUTUBE CHANNEL.